Another week, another finished chapter.

So this marks the end of the third “extra” chapter I’ve finished(The “extra referring to the chapters I’ve had to add to introduce some of the characters that I decided were… necessary for the smooth progression of the story).

Originally I thought I only needed two or three chapters, but it seems I was wrong.

Still, I can’t fill too many pages with the plot I have left, so I only need to write to or three more chapters.

Then the book’s basically done.

Wait, what?!

I’m almost done with the bloody thing?!


Well, there editing, re-editing, maybe even a third and fourth round of edits.
Commissioning a book cover, getting a good book cover, thinking up a nice blurb, an appropriate name, and a few more things I’m probably forgetting…

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Queen tribute show

So last night I went to a concert by a band called Rockville(Israeli cover band, they do Queen shows).
Israeli tax shekels at work. City hall arranges free concerts to citizens(and whoever else ends up at the site at the time).

And I must say that Olive(The lead vocalist) has some great charisma on the stage, and he even managed to hit Freddy’s notes in the songs.

From the Queen shows I’ve seen(only the clips uploaded on the web, seeing as God was dead for 5 months when I was born), He even tried to mimic Freddy’s behaviour onstage.



Yes, that leotard is modelled after Freddy’s 1978 show.

It also taught me something about Israeli people.
Most of us can’t appreciate good music if we don’t have to pay for it.
When the concert just started, about 1/3 of the seats were still empty.
It’s only when they got to the final 4 or 5 songs that the entire square was filled.

So yeah, it was awesome, and I’ll try to get a few of the songs up on Youtube or something like that.

Also, sorry about the crap quality of the pics, taken at full zoom(4X) with an SGS4. Ideally, I’d have taken a camera with me =/

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Writer’s block

So I’ve been dealing with writer’s block up until recently, and I believe that me trying to participate in Wrimo, along with trying to maintain this blog, has contributed to it’s worsening.
Truth is, I’m quite a dull and boring person.
I rarely go out, and I’d much rather be at work than at a club.
However, I can once again hold pen to paper and let the words flow to the page.
The story, once again, has been revised, even though the original concept remained(I think).

But on the other hand, I can write a somewhat engaging story(to be decided by you guys once I actually finish the bloody thing), which seems rather paradoxical.

Anyways, this is some mindless banter I decided to post to let you guys know I’m still alive and kicking(and screaming, and biting and clawing at the inside of my brain).

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Happy 2013!


So another year came and went…

And yet, I’ve achieved almost nothing.
Yes, I’ve nearly completed my novel, however, I’m having trouble tying up some of the loose ends within a reasonable word count(While I do intend to keep working in the world I’ve created, the current protagonist has run his course. Not to mention I’ve hated the bastard since pretty much chapter 6…).

Hope you’ve all partied well on new year’s eve.
Drive safely, etc’, etc’.

In the spirit of being inebriated(not enough to knock me off my ass, but enough to make me lower my guard), I’ve something I’d like to confess about:

I hate humans.

Or rather, I did, up till about 36 months ago.

Back when I was a young lad, of about… 10, I’ve grown to despise the human race.
I can’t really say why, but it happened.

Because of my… Aversion to human contact, I’ve become a shy and socially awkward teenager.
And honestly, I couldn’t give less of a shit at the time.
When I’d go to school, I’d put a mask on, that hid the real me, and pretend that I cared about people, or some shit like that.
Most of the time, I’d rather just hole up in the school’s library with a book, a pair of headphones, and whatever was on my playlist for that day.
I was a complete loner, and, again, I couldn’t give less of a shit about that, because most of my brain preferred to be separate from the pack…
I was a lone wolf, looking from outside at a world I didn’t belong to.

Despite what I’ve told pretty much everyone, the tattoo on my back of a lone wolf sitting under a moon isn’t dedicated to my grandfather.
It’s actually me that’s tattooed there.
It just took me some time(roughly two years) to realize that myself.

Now we’ll jump to 2010.
I’d started going along with invites to various outings, and started to hang out with people who I can now say, are my friends, but at the time, because I’d still kept my walls up, were just people I’d tagged along with(but pretended to be friends with…).
As I’d mentioned earlier, wearing a mask had been really easy for me, so the somewhat carefree, but still distant and contemplating role was actually really easy for me to slip into.
I’d go out with them, have a laugh, make a joke(or a fool out of myself), but once the timer on the mask expired, I’d go back to my real self.
That time was, for me at least, a way to evolve and enhance my writing, since I couldn’t possibly write about a lone wolf…
Even Dexter, the most psychotic character I’ve yet to encounter(If you can find a better example, write so in the comments), has had friends.
So I figured I should at least do a bit of research if I’m going to write about something(everything in my novel, at least the bits and pieces that contain the various sciences, were all written after a deep research, so the science is mostly sound).

Slowly, the walls began to crack, and I’d actually grown close to them.
I found myself genuinely having fun when going out with them, and actually felt happy when they’d call me up and ask me if I wanted to hang out.

then, sometime during February 2012, I’d again shut myself in my coffin, and stopped contacting people.
These past three months however, my friends had gotten back in touch with me, and the part of me that was yearning for human touch, the part that grew between 2010 and 2012, filled with happiness again.
Even the lone wolf aspect of my personality had begun to feel the effects of loneliness, and couldn’t bear only looking at the world from outside anymore.

Now, every time they call, I try and make time, because I’ve found that I really, really don’t want to be alone anymore.

That last paragraph caused me to tear up, not because I’m sad, but because I’m happy.

Thank you Vila, Ilia, Yochai, Boris, Richman, Vlad, Andrew, and everyone else.
You’ve really changed me, and I’m grateful for that.
Thanks for a wonderful time.

With that, I’d also like to share my resolution for the year of the snake;
I’d like to be able to open up completely, not just on occasion.

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9/11/12 Lybian US embassy killings

Forgive me for any inaccuracies that might arise, since I’m not entirely familiar with the event, but I just have to comment about this.
I promise, this will most likely be the last political post in this blog(There are more than enough blogs about that already. You don’t need another one…)

So… On the 11th anniversary of 9/11, the US embassy in the US was attacked by crazed protesters after the release of a short movie that depicted Islam, and Muhammad in… a less than favorable light.

The result?
At least three dead, one of which(Sean Smith) has touched thousands in the world(Not Virtual) of EVE Online, and helped in the shaping of the current political map(Tribute blog post)

Now… Here’s the point:
So someone made a satire about Islam and Muhammad.
Do you need to kill people for it?
No, you god damned fuckwits! It’s confirming the same thing that movie’s claiming.

What, you think Judaism or Christianity aren’t made fun of?
They do, and most likely a lot more than Islam.
However, Muslims got too used to people “respecting” their religion, and now, whenever there’s some satire, they get pissed off, and cry about it like fucking kids that are teased about something insignificant.

At the moment they broke into the embassy, and killed those men, those “protesters” showed that they are no better than what is depicted in the film, basically confirming whatever point the movie tried to make.

If your god is omnipotent and omniscient, why the fuck do you think he needs your fucking help in protecting his name or religion.

If your faith can move mountains, it should be able to withstand criticism.

I’d love if someone told me who said that, so I can give proper credit.

I’ve been an Atheist since at least the age of 6. I got teased by kids with religious parents who brainwashed them into believing that there’s a bearded man in the sky that watches their every move, as well as everyone else on the planet and the universe at the same time.
And until I was about 14, I’ve been solely Atheistic, believing that so long as you don’t bother me with your beliefs, I won’t say anything disrespectful.

That has to end.
The Abrahamic religions are bronze age bullshit that needs to be eradicated, before another millennium of ignorance and religious oppression begins.

Monotheistic religion needs to be destroyed, and the sooner the better.

Because of crazies like the Mullah regime in Iran, which are working real hard on getting their slimy hands on nukes.
Because in Israel, religitards are breeding 5 times as fast as sane people, and in 10 years or so, they’ll be able to put their hands on Israel’s substantial nuclear arsenal.
Because of idiots like Bush, who took advice from a fucking priest!

We have to stop closing our eyes, and understand the truth;
Most wars were fought because of religion.
Do you think the Holocaust would’ve happened if the three Abrahamic religions didn’t exist?
Probably not.
Why? Because there’d be no Jews, who are, genetically, completely identical to every other middle easterner, with the only difference being the god they believe in.

Monarchies are the result of Monotheistic religions.
The US is a republic, which is built on Greco-Roman ideals, born of polytheism.
Democracy was born because of ‘pagan’ beliefs.
Christianity gave us the Holy Roman Empire, which used to be a republic, ruled by a senate which chose an emperor.
The holy Roman Empire on the other hand, was a monarchy, and it was like wherever Monotheism touched.

It needs to be eradicated, and for that to happen, the Muslim nations first need to go through the nationalistic phase.
They need to develop a sense of nationalism that’s born from a group sharing the same language, territory, and histories.

It’s a shame all of those were destroyed by that same Muslim regime… *sighs*

This world is circling down the drain, and as cynical as I am, and despite everything’s I’m saying, I don’t want to kick back and watch.
I’m not suicidal(I used to be… but that’s a story for another time…), and I really want to live.
There’s much I’ve yet to see, and because I don’t believe in an afterlife, I’m sort of scared of dying.

I realize that I won’t actually know that I’m dead, because I’ll cease to exist… But… I’d much rather keep existing than not.

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So… 11 years, huh?

11 years ago today, thousands of families lost children, parents, partners and loved ones.
11 years ago, the lives of thousands of innocent children changed forever.
11 years ago, a crime was committed on a scale rarely seen in the past…

I was 9 at the time, and my entire family was watching in horror as the second plane hit the twin towers.
As we watched the fires in horror, I remembered that my aunt and uncle were in New York for the week, so I got scared that they might have been hurt, or worse.
When my parents tried contacting them, the phone went straight to voice mail.
We feared the worst.

A week passed that way, when finally they called us back, saying that they’re alright, and that they weren’t in the area when the planes hit.
We felt happy that they were alright, but it was short lived, as we realized that there are thousands of families there that will never see their loved ones again…

I hope that something like this will never happen again, and that humanity will be able to shake off it’s shackles of hatred…

Got any stories you’d like to share?
Post them in the comments.

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Writer’s Block.

We’ve all been there at least once;

You’re trying to write something, you already have the image of the scene in your head, but you just can’t translate thought into key strokes or pen motions.
Trying to force it produces terrible abominations, causing you to get angry, and sometimes you decide to trash the entire thing in frustration(Never actually deleted a draft, but frustration and anger were a-plenty).

Eventually, the block spreads from your hands to your head, even blocking the view of the story-verse you’ve created, like storm clouds blotting out the sky.

Since I’ve started writing, I’ve only found two ways to overcome Writer’s Block, and I’d like to share them with you, dear readers, in hopes that it might someday help you:

1) And this is an actual cure, not just a treatment of symptoms.
Get miserable;
Not a feeling you can fake easily, but if you succeed, you can clear everything, and the story floods the pages, flowing as if a dam broke somewhere.
I’ve found that you can get that feeling by ignoring all the good stuff that’s happening around the world, and focusing on the bad(Not that hard, since sob stories sell newspapers WAY better than happy stories like “Tom, the boy who lost both legs in a car accident, climbed Mt Everest.”
In short, you must become a cynical, pessimistic person.
The best way to get miserable though, is to have some sort of personal tragedy:
An old pet needs to be euthanized, a relative passing away, or getting dumped by someone you’ve had personal feelings for.
Misery and Despair are the artist’s most beautiful muses. If you encounter them, you will be able to write, and, even if it’s a happy tale, it will be written beautifully.
Nothing beats Misery and Despair in terms of inspiration.
Unfortunately, once they leave you, you will once again, experience Writer’s Block.

2) A way to treat the symptoms, not an actual cure.
Put the draft in a drawer(In case you’re writing it on paper with a pen or pencil), or some folder far, far away from the main screen(In case you’re writing on a computer), and just let it simmer for a few days or weeks(Two, three weeks is the best time for me, but it should vary from person to person).
Once it’s simmered, and it’s out of your mind completely, take it out, and re read first all the notes about the world(In case you’ve managed to forget the setting), and then re read the story, from start to the point you’ve stopped at.
This should set you back on the track you’ve been walking when you started, and strayed off at some point during the telling.

3) Not an actual treatment, but it does work from time to time(Most effectively used when it’s the second or later book in a series, and the character’s been present in at least some way during at least 15% of the story so far. So the longer the story, the minor the character could be, but still have a 15% appearance)
Decide to kill a character, and then write the story leading up to the death of that character(The build up should be no longer than a chapter or a chapter and a half).
By the time you reach that character’s dying breaths, you’ll be back on track, able to write again, and you’ll even get a choice:
Save the character, or let that character die, because death would drive the story better than if the character would survive.
For a better effect(and extending the build up to around 3 chapters) kill off a main support:
Like one of the character’s hope for a better life(Example: Sirius Black in HP), or a teacher of sorts that helped the protagonist(Even if it was mainly behind the scenes. Examples: Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore in HP, or… Brom in the Inheritance cycle)

How do you deal with Writer’s Block?
Tell us in the comments section!

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