Magical runes and their abuse in literature

Those that know me personally have heard me saying the following several times:
Originality is dead!

Today, I once again reaffirmed my belief that this is the case;

I just got done watching “Mortal instruments: City of Bones”(I’m well aware you can’t write like that. It’s to make a point), and I can honestly say without ever reading the books beforehand, I knew that the cup was in the tarot card as soon as she drew it, and that she had some kinda talent to be able to pull it out(only proven true when she pulled the cup out of the notebook), and that Valentine is somehow related to Clary.

I’m sad that I figured out the major plotlibe as soon as the movie started.

another thing that saddened me is the fact that, again, having never read the books, I came up with something very similar;
one magic system in my novels involves the use of runes, drawn(or carved) in the air(or any surface, really, but the more complex spells require three dimensional rune schemes) with a special plasma emitter that ionized the air(sorta like an aurora borealis only extremly localized).
In my case, however, a single rune will lock or unlock a door. maybe turn on the hot water tap. Best case scenario(since it’s an actual language, not just some magical application of phlebotinum).
you wanna freeze your enemies like you did those demons in City of Bones? Bitch you better learn how to carve real quick, cuz you need about thirty runes to do that).

However, it’s because of this particular weakness that makes it the only system that can create God tier spells(obliterating an entire solar system comes to mind. Try doing THAT by waving a wand and speaking a few bastardized Latin words).

Also, the bloody carving thing itself!
In my world, it’s made of metal, preferably of the inert kind(gold is nice), Ornate with runes to strengthen the thing(also as an aesthetic addition) and will always contain a quartz crystal(though in recent decades, synthetic clear sapphires are rapidly gaining popularity due to an increased durability when compared to the quartz crystals).
I swear Jace had the exact same prop in the movie…

thus proving my statement that originality is dead…

This book isn’t the only case of magical rune abuse. However, It’s the only one I can think of at the moment, and I’m quite sure there are more that people can name.

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Well… Here it is…

Fuck it.

I don’t know why I’m doing this, but I will be posting the prologue for “Storm’s Knight” right fucking now.

It was a pain in my ass to copy, because apparently my growth happens between chapters, and this particular bit of story was written… At least two months ago.
Comparing  this with the new chapter 1(Which I’ve written about 2 to 3 weeks ago), I sat here scratching my head:
“Did I seriously write this crap?!”

It’s important to note that all names are still a subject to change(Since I seriously don’t have any names for most of the locations and some of the characters. my antagonists are literally named “BG1″(Bad Guy 1), “BG2”, etc >>

So yeah, I’m a shit writer, and I am begging you guys’ help in remedying it.
Tips and suggestions will be welcomed.

There’s a chance I might scrap the prologue all together. Since the events in this bit of text don’t happen until like… 1/3 of the way through book 2, But that’s already telling too much, and the sharper nails will figure everything up by chapter 3 if I write anything more >>


So with no further ado, I give you the 1300 word prologue(Or chapter 1, w/e). for Knight’s Storm.
This is about half a chapter length, which would make each chapter 8 A4 pages long. Somehow I feel this is too short…
I’ve no idea how long a chapter should be, and just end chapters where new threads are added to the plot.




He walked slowly among the warriors, the clashing of sword, shield and armor near deafening.
His gaze drifted from soldier to soldier, sensing the burning rage and hatred flowing forth in crimson waves from them.
Hatred and rage which he knew was not real, for none of the soldiers cared when a comrade fell, victim to a sword, and arrow, or a stray spell.
The snow at his feet was dyed red with the blood of the fallen, and a red haze clung to the ground like an early morning mist.
He licked his lips, feeling the thin layer of crusted salty fat that grew thicker as more and more mines were triggered, and warriors were burnt to blackened husks.
He breathed deeply, taking in the scents of ash and sweat and shit as soldiers died around him. Closing his eyes in concentration, he disappeared, reappearing on a cliff overlooking the scarred battlefield.
Reaching outwards with his mind, he felt the souls of every soldier mixed in the melee.
Four hundred and fifty two thousand, eight hundred and sixty four lives… The number was unbelievable.
“I’m sorry I have to involve all of you in this… But your sacrifice will save countless billions of lives.” He said into the empty air.
With a sigh, he unstrapped his backpack and pulled out a small metallic bowl, and a silvery metal cylinder about twenty centimeters long, covered in sharp black runes.
He say down on the rocky soil, and put the cylinder to his forearm; a small, infinitely sharp blade appeared. With one quick motion, he drew the blade towards his palm, leaving behind a faint crimson trickle.
A clenched his teeth, and a vein swelled in his forehead with the effort of keeping his power from healing him instantly.
He held his arm out over the bowl, letting the blood slowly pool inside the small bowl, filling it to the brim.
Once the bowl was filled, he let his skin knit itself back together with a short sigh of relief.
He unscrewed the cylinder, placing the bladed cap on the earth bear him, and carefully lifted the bowl, pouring its contents into the cylinder.
With the blood filling it to the brim, he screwed the cap back on, and pushed the bowl away, discarding it.
Now for the really grim stuff… He thought, examining the cylinder.
He found a golden rune, and with a press of his finger, it turned a bright crimson, producing a short focused beam of the same color from the end of the cylinder. He heaved, the energy coming off the beam weakening him and his resolve.
Closing his eyes, he concentrated, making sure he remembered the position and order of every single rune in the sequence.
I really hope this won’t all be in vain… He thought, and traced the crimson beam through the air, leaving behind a series of pulsing runes.
He surveyed the first step of his work, admiring the slow and steady pulse of the crimson and gold letters, so in sync with his own heart.
He heard thunder in the distance, alarming him to the approaching storm.
It’s already begun. He thought, shaking his head to focus on the task ahead.
He moved quickly, drawing the runes as fast as his caution allowed him to, never even stopping for breath, each line draining his strength and weakening his resolve.
I really hope you know what you’re doing. He thought, and the reply came with his own voice, There’s no other choice…
An hour later, he finally took a breath, having finished laying down the foundation for his spell.
His knees shook, and he could barely lift his hands, but he knew he had to finish it now, or there would never be another chance.
Slowly and carefully, he moved to the center of the rune construct, and with his last strength, he drew 24 final runes around him, forming a rough golden sphere.
“I can’t believe this actually worked…”
It’s now or never, Exile. His future told him.
“Activate…” He said, his voice breaking with the final syllable.
For what it’s worth; I’m sorry. His voice said, and then there was silence.
The runes glowed a bright gold, launching him into the air so high and so quickly that he would have frozen solid had he wasn’t protected by the golden sphere, while the crimson runes formed a cage around the combatants.
He started to fall, his descent slowed down by the golden sphere, while the crimson cage weaved a web of gold, connecting all the combatants to each other and creating a telepathic web which calmed them down.
They dropped their weapons and looked in awe at the golden phoenix hovering above them, and the Exile felt nothing but regret, because he was about to end the lives of each and every one of them.
He felt the warm glow of the sun, and the cool breeze of the wind strengthening his resolve;
With one continuous stroke, he drew eight black runes in the air, and took a deep breath.
Me too…He thought, hoping his future self would hear.
He let out his breath, and the spell activated:
The giant rune construct glowed as bright as the sun, immolating everything within, leaving nothing but an ashen wasteland behind.
It quickly compressed to the size of a small ball, which latched onto the Exile’s chest.
Power flowed through him, flooding every dark corner of his mind and overloading his nerves, snapping his bones and muscles.
Yet he felt no pain, but reveled in the feeling of having this much power at his fingertips.
The storm clouds closed in, darkening the sky and chilling the air.
His body shook from the cold, but he was more than a physical entity now. He isolated his mind from the outside world, and closed his eyes, reaching across the void between the universes.
Finding who he was looking for, he pulled at her mind.
The connection made, he pointed his hands at the warm silvery star, and let loose the energy within.
He started screaming. The power hurt;
It was burning hot and freezing cold and a thousand other pains all at the same time, as if his own body was protesting what he had just done.
he felt blisters appearing on his skin from the heat, than freezing and shattering, leaving large craters where soft raw tissue was visible.
Golden light shot out of his hands towards the star, and he could no longer stop or control his body.
The heat melted the skin and flesh from his arms, leaving nothing but charred black bone.
And all the time, he kept screaming.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the Exile’s power ran dry, and the golden flames sputtered and died out.
He collapsed, and his burnt and limp form slowly began to fall towards the ground.
His eyes opened, and he managed to roll onto his back, admiring his handiwork.
As the star changed its color from silver to red, he started laughing maniacally, realizing what he’d done.
Be proud! You’ve prevented a war. The voice said.
But at what a cost? He asked himself, as he reached the ash covered ground.
Tears made their way through the dried blood and ash covering his face, and each tear burnt soothingly as the salt touched the raw skin of his face.
Thunder rolled in the distance, heralding the end of the world.
He smiled,
So it worked after all. He thought, and just as a brilliant flash of light enveloped him, he screamed defiantly, “I AM RAIEL, THE EXILED KNIGHT!” And I am the nameless Exile. Finally realizing what the name really meant.

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Novel Update!

Well, good morning everyone who might read this.


Let’s get straight to business, because I’m so fucking excited about this thing!

I finally managed to come up with a decent title for the first novel, and both sequels(And also the name for the series itself).
And in my eyes, those names are effing sweet!

Right then:

My upcoming novel(Which will appear on your Kindle sometime before Christmas), will be titled:
“Storm’s Knight”

The trilogy itself will be titled “Knight’s Fall”, while books 2 and 3 will be titled “Knight’s Journey/Voyage” and “Knight’s Redemption” respectively.

Oh yeah, it’s going to be a trilogy, mostly because I doubt anyone would want to read a 700~800 page novel by a no name writer.


So yeah…

Onto the next order of business then;

over the next two to three weeks(Depending on how much I’ll be procrastinating this thing) I will post the prologue, and chapter 1 and 2 of Storm’s Knight on the blog(one post per chapter. Hopefully).
Keep in mind that these will be the raw, unrevised and unedited versions of the story(Long story short; I will copy them word for word from my notebook).
This won’t be for you guys to admire my magnificent writing abilities(Which I’m well aware are dirt level at best), but to show that “Hey, this Max fella has an inkling of a talent as a story teller.” and that you guys aren’t wasting your time following a pretend writer.
Feedback will be welcomed with gratitude and “squee”s(Also with flowers, virtual beer and love confessions)


Now for something that’s slightly off topic:

My new year’s resolution!
In my January blog post I wrote that my new year’s resolution was:

With that, I’d also like to share my resolution for the year of the snake;
I’d like to be able to open up completely, not just on occasion.

There was another resolution, which I knew even back than that giving it any sort of tangibility would be equivalent to shitting on it and causing the exact opposite to happen.
And sure enough, for the past 6 months or so, I had serious writing issues, and… Well, let’s just say a lot of stuff got scrapped.
However, with me approaching the ending of this novel with every passing day, I believe it’s time to share that resolution with the world:

My resolution was that I wanted to finish my first novel before the end of the year.
And thus, it seems like I can finally see the ending.


I just realized I’ve written a lot, yet I haven’t actually said anything…

If writing doesn’t work, maybe I could head into politics…

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Delaying The Inevitable…

So I know I’ve been tweeting for the past few days about how hard it is to kill a character and how painful it felt killing a part of yourself…


But while I’ve already written the entire death scene(almost a full chapter length if you count the build up) it just isn’t sticking well to the chapter before…

Originally I’d planned this death scene to be “chapter 5”, but as it just doesn’t sit well with how chapter 4 ended, I’ve been forced to push it back a chapter or a chapter and a half.

“But Max,” You ask, “If the scene doesn’t fit with the rest of the story, why kill the character?”

Well, I can tell you something about it;
Time travel, while it doesn’t take a major role in the story, is EXTREMELY important when it does happen, and unfortunately, that particular character is dead in the future, and it died during an event that happened in the beginning of book one(The point I am at now), so he must die.
If he doesn’t, it’ll create a paradox which will unravel not only future events, but the entirety of the series!


FEAR NOT! for there is a simple fix!
I’m just pushing the death slightly back, and will do some character development for my female lead(In the form of a flash back explaining a few things about her).
Give me a chance to work on female characterization, which she desperately needs…

However, the dying character(Won’t tell you who!) isn’t actually getting a life extension, since the events I’ll write about already happened in the past(sometime before the start of book 1), so his death will still happen according to schedule.
It’s only you guys who’ll have to plod along for an entire chapter and a half before finding out who dies and how(I wrote it in such a way that up until the last moment, you can’t tell which of the character dies(And no, I simply wrote “he” because in Hebrew, when you refer to both sexes, you use the male suffix(?) I’ve no idea how to say it, since my control of the English language isn’t perfect, and I still find myself confused about certain words).

I’m pretty proud of myself that I managed to do it like that.

I think that what I’m trying to say is that if your death scene doesn’t quite feel like it sticks, maybe try pushing it back a chapter or two, and work on some characterization instead.

Yeah, I’m pretty useless when it comes to thinking up tips…

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Major Confidence Boost!

So, I finally got around to letting someone read some of my stuff(The prologue, which I crafted meticulously), and she said that it gave her a game of thrones-ey sort of feel, which is awesome, because I was so shooting for that!



However, seeing as she is a friend and not a beta reader, I can’t trust her opinion completely(since friends will usually say nice things even if your stuff sort of sucks).

Still, it is rather nice to hear something like that(especially if someone’s comparing you to the great GRRM himself).


It was a nice confidence booster(I also got complimented on my handwriting, which is apparently pretty awesome) so the day went pretty well.

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Sleep Writing

So apparently I have a useless talent(or awesome one. You be the judge of that).

Whenever I’m really, really tired, I can’t fall asleep immediately. So I usually doze off, wake up, doze off again, repeat a few times, and only then will I fall asleep,

So last night I came home, and no one was around.
I almost shouted for joy, because it meant I could get some writing done at home(something I’m incapable of doing, due to various reasons). So I prepped for at least two hours of writing;
1) sit at desk
2) wear headphones
3) open your notebook and pen
4) begin writing.

Fifteen minutes into my session, I noticed something odd;
random words/phrases/sentences were appearing, in a writing that was slightly sloppier than mine.
Along with those words, I noticed weird “skips” in the music.

Something was up.

I set up the webcam to record me, and sure enough, I was dozing off mid sentence.
However, instead of a long deep line going across the page, I was literally sleepwriting(I won’t post that vid, because my house is a mess at the moment…)
Not only that, but it seems like my sleeping brain keeps capitalization, and didn’t like some of the words he used.

Here are some of the things I wrote in my sleep:

“Kick up us, some Italian”
“God’s levia”(I’m guessing my subconscious was trying to write leviathan)
“Start raining yo” started(this word’s part of the story) “Katix”
“The father”
“in case hard”
“Mr. How”

So yeah, my brain is somewhat weird…
But hey! at least that means that writing is hardwired into my subconsciousness, and that is pretty damned awesome.

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Year One.

Apparently it’s been a year since I started this blog(Minus 2 weeks).

In that time I’ve managed to start, put away, restart and abandon a project, get a severe case of writer’s block(somewhere between starting and abandoning the project), and start and get writer’s block on a second project.
I managed to cure it this time around, and book one is indeed done;
Sort of. the ending’s done, but I’m forced to add introductory chapters into the book so that readers won’t go “Who the fuck is this character, and how the fuck are these two related?” since not everyone is privy to the happenings of my own mind(Which, I must admit, is at times a mystery even for me…), so those characters need to be introduced.

Basically, I’m solidifying character strings and relationships that require cementing on the page, as a final touch up.

Yay for me!

I promise I won’t disappear for months at a time this time around.

Hopefully Year Two will be more fruitful and filled with less blockages.
I don’t want to get brain hemorrhoids…

Here’s some mind bleach to get rid of that image:

Anyways, now that that lovely image is out of your minds, I have some news:
In the coming weeks I will be posting some world building on my(Rather extensive) fantasy multiverse.
First up is Leta(pretty sure that name’s a temp… Just have a bit of trouble finding all my world building notes, so I can’t remember if I figured a better name for that world yet >>. Yes, I’m a very messy human being), the main setting for book one, and the home world of the male protagonist.

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