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Musings on the Broken Heart

The thing you have to realize about the real world, is there are no happy endings; The prince gets killed by the dragon, the sleeping beauty dies in her sleep, and true love’s kiss is not strong enough to break … Continue reading

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Relationship Rant #1

Hello again everyone. Returning from a four month hiatus, mostly to rant about shit that’s been bugging me for the past while. So, if you all remember, I was supposed to be finishing my novel sometime last month. And I … Continue reading

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First of all, let me apologize for my long silence on the blog. I’ve had a lot happen;My mum broke her leg, my dog almost died, I started revision on my WIP(Not going so great… Otherwise I’d be posting every … Continue reading

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Con Adventures

Again, I’m sorry for the long radio silence. Two weeks ago my mum broke her leg, so I coupdn’t really update, as I was busy taking care of her. Anyways, last week I went to my firat I-Con(Israeli anime/manga/comics convention), … Continue reading

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Home Stretch!

Can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I posted here last. And on the other hand… I can’t believe it’s been only two weeks. So much has happened, it felt like much longer…   Well, first order of business(I’m kinda … Continue reading

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Nostalgia Week!

So this past few days I’ve had trouble writing, and I decided to take the next week or so off, give my burning mind a rest and gather the strength to finish my novel. To do that, I’ve attempted to … Continue reading

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Novel update

So, I know I promised I’d post the next chapter in the next week, but that was before I committed a serious murder. No, not an actual murder(At least legally), but still very much a murder in my eyes. Those … Continue reading

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