Musings on the Broken Heart

The thing you have to realize about the real world, is there are no happy endings;
The prince gets killed by the dragon, the sleeping beauty dies in her sleep, and true love’s kiss is not strong enough to break the witch’s spell.

In the real world, Sorrow and Anger are the steongest forces of Life.
Without Sorrow, there would be no Happiness.
Without Anger, there would be no Love.

Sorrow and Anger are the only fires strong enough to reforge the shattered blade of your being.

Yes, a moment of Sorrow is usually what breaks you;
The loss of what you though was true love, the death of a family member.

But Sadness is also what can rebuild you;
And then, in the midst of Sorrow your shattered self is suddenly reforged.
You become whole again, and as if by magic, the curtains are pulled back and you realize you were already complete long ago.
You realize that you weren’t holding onto your past. It was holding onto you.

You suddenly realize that you didn’t still love the girl after that break up.
You stopped loving her long before that, when she came back to you.

And then you weep, not with Sadness, but with Joy, because you realize you’ve wasted time pining after her, when you could have rebuilt yourself.
And she will still hold a special place in your heart, but it’s no longer Her heart.

And you laugh, because you feel lighter than you’ve ever felt in years.
And you cry, because you fear you will float away.
But maybe floating away is what you need, so you let go, and let fate carry you away.

Thank you for helping me understand this.

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