Relationship Rant #1

Hello again everyone.

Returning from a four month hiatus, mostly to rant about shit that’s been bugging me for the past while.

So, if you all remember, I was supposed to be finishing my novel sometime last month.
And I did. After a fashion.

However, reading through it, I realized that it does even come close to what I consider a great standard of writing.
It’s, quite honestly, shit.

And why?

Because one of the most important plot points in the bloody series, something that literally forms the basis for the entire progression of the protagonist along the entire series, can’t be put into words.

What is this critical plot device, which I leaned the entire series on?
His relationship with the female lead.

But why is it so critical to the story in the first place?
Because he gets dragged into a fight that’s neither his, nor anyone else’s in his universe.

Here’s a man whose literally willing to go the the ends of fucking creation and incinerate entire star systems to help his girl, and I can’t put it into words.

And why?! Because I’ve never experienced anything even remotely similar.
My only “romantic” experience comes from a two week long relationship back when I was 16 years old, and that ended the second her ex winked at her.

See, I’m a fairly boring person;
I didn’t get to travel a lot when I was younger, nor did I get to do anything exciting.
And in terms of social interaction, I lack most of the basic skills people seem to be born with(I blame my abusive father), and struggle with even the simplest conversations(I have like 5 or 6 friends with whom I can talk without any fear of saying something inappropriate, because we’ve known each other for so long that we communicate in a language of our own).
So when it comes to character development, most routes are blocked to me from the get-go, simply because I can’t communicate in that manner, and I can’t write in a voice that’s so obviously fake…
The other three choices are: War, romance, and internal monologues.
The first and third I have a lot of, but I don’t want my protagonist to be perceived as a whiny little bitch(There’s twilight for that), and so, I would’ve loved to add some actual romantic interaction into the mix(Think somewhere along the lines of Jesse Custer and Tulip from ‘Preacher’, minus the rabbits-in-heat-sex(The comic is an incredible read BTW, and I recommend it very much)).

So, unfortunately, until I actually get any real world experience(With either travelling to exotic places or romance, or both), I’m scrapping everything I’m writing(Well, not really scrapping, just sticking it in a locked drawer and dumping the key).

With that said, until next time,
Max, signing off.

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