First of all, let me apologize for my long silence on the blog.

I’ve had a lot happen;
My mum broke her leg, my dog almost died, I started revision on my WIP(Not going so great… Otherwise I’d be posting every other day about how awesome I’m doing), finally got around to cleaning my desk(after putting it off for AGES) and with the Ender’s Game film coming out(actually, it’s been out for a few days now, but yeah…), I decided to make time to read the actual book and oh my god it was AMAZING! The final few pages, from when Ender finds the monument the Formics built for him up until the very end of the book had me in tears and I actually stained several pages…

So naturally I had to read “Speaker”, which I enjoyed as well, and am now starting on “Xenocide”.

But I’m losing my train of thought here…

In three weeks I’ll see a psycho therapist to diagnose me with ADHD(or say I don’t have anything like that, and I just need more sleep/less sleep or something like that), which has me excited and terrified:
excited because I might be able to finally stay focused on a page for longer than 5 seconds(the learning kind, not the reading kind).
Terrified because I don’t know how these drugs will actually affect me if I do get prescribed something…


But now for the most important bit, and the reason why this post is titled “Jackpot”.

During my desk cleaning, I stumbled upon a 3 year old notebook.
Normally, you’d think, “Eh, a 3 y/o notebook. I can just dump it.”
Thankfully, I’m not your normal guy, and I never throw my notes. At least, the important ones. school related stuff gets chucked about as soon as I’m done with it.
Anyway, like I said, This particular notebook wouldn’t be of interest, even to me, unless I actually remembered what it was about.
And as luck would have it, just two weeks prior I recalled that at one time I started writing a story that was a far cry from my usual writing, in first person no less.
So as I thumbed through the pages, I started remembering that I was working on back stories for my antagonists when I started writing this particular story, and this was actually part of that back story.
Of course, the style will have to be updated, and the POV would have to be revised for 3rd person(along with massive cosmetic alterations), but it’s actually a very solid story which shows that despite the main bad guys in my trilogy seeming like massive assholes, they might not be as bad as the story makes them out to be(History is written by the victors and all that), and that on of the main characters in my current WIP might actually be responsible at least in part to them becoming evil fucking bastards in the first place.

Obviously I’ll have to figure out a time frame in which to tell it, because I’m not going to turn the clock back several millennia just for some back story, so I figure I’ll place it in a sort of journal or the character telling her history to other travelers before she met my protagonist, or even while they are separated(There are quite a few chances to stick it in chronologically wise).


So yeah, apparently I actually found another almost finished book while I was cleaning my desk, and now I have that to work on while I cool down from revising my main WIP.

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