Con Adventures

Again, I’m sorry for the long radio silence.
Two weeks ago my mum broke her leg, so I coupdn’t really update, as I was busy taking care of her.

Anyways, last week I went to my firat I-Con(Israeli anime/manga/comics convention), and I had a lot of fun.



I never knew how many cosplayers and anime fans there were here.
I Don’t know how it’s like in other places, but over here, the communities are pretty silent(at least I never encountered a lot of other fans(possibly wasn’t looking hard enough, but still)).

I also finished the first draft of my novel last week, and decided to take the next two weeks or so off before starting the first round of revisions(and there is a lot of work to be done), after which I’ll send ir over to my editor for some much needed grammer and proof reading(I don’t want to send the raw file, because it’s horribly written, and I don’t want to be kicked in the face.

So yeah… Apparently my book’s done…
I’ve no idea what to do right now…
I’ll probably do some much needed cleaning around the house, catch up on a few shows I like before the new seasons start, and see about starting another WIP(I have a few more ideas for short stories and novellas that will tie in with the “main” book(that world is so vast, it’d be a shame to only write three novels exploring it)).

Anyone got any suggestions what I should do while I let my manuscript cool off?

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3 Responses to Con Adventures

  1. Denise says:

    Can’t give you advice about what to do I’m afraid. I can’t even think of getting as far as finishing a manuscript.

    Well done for looking after your mum. She is a lucky lady to have you around (not to break her leg of course. Ouch.)

    • Max Wyght says:

      Well, the timing was fortuitous.
      I was pretty much done when she broke her leg, so I could help her around, and while she was passed out on pain meds for the first few days, I was able to finish up the manuscript.

      But why can’t you think about finishing one?
      Surely you’re already pushing towards the end?

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