Nostalgia Week!

So this past few days I’ve had trouble writing, and I decided to take the next week or so off, give my burning mind a rest and gather the strength to finish my novel.

To do that, I’ve attempted to hunt down my past(movies, books, etc) to see if I can get some of those inspiration wheels turning again.

The search yielded a few unexpected fruits.

One of those fruits is an old(sort of) animation movie I’ve watched once when I was about 12 or 13, and I believe it was around that same time when I first attempted writing something.
Said movie?
A cliche fantasy/romance french animation flick called “The Rain children(Les Enfants de la pluie)” directed by Philip Leclerc(Came out in 2003).
I’ve ever seen that film once(With an English voice over), and most likely forgot about pretty quickly.
Two days ago, I remembered most of the plot(Saying “The plot resurfaced from the vast abyss that is my subconscious mind” would probably be more appropriate), and with the help of the beautiful people at I was able to find it.
However, despite looking everywhere, I couldn’t find an English version of it(I’m ashamed to admit I pirated it. one of about 10 movies or so I haven’t actually paid for), so I had to make due with my flawed French and crappy English subs that didn’t catch half the dialogue in the film.

So I watched it, and prepared for disappointment, because movies and books always feel nicer when it’s been several years since you last touched them, and your mind makes them seem like they’re better than how they actually are.
I was only slightly disappointed, mostly because my memory is usually infallible with these things. You don’t believe me? Here’s my post on said site:

So about a decade ago(Probably…) I watched an animated fantasy movie about two races:One is the embodiment of fire, and thus, whenever water touches them, they feel pain and get burned.The other is the embodiment of water. They have those weird “sun stones” in their chests that are awesome for the fire people, and in the summer they turn to statues.During summer, the fire people send raiders to the water people’s city, and blow the water people up to get the sun stones.There’s also a pool with a dragon that was split down the middle, and basically that’s the reason why the two races can’t live together.A fire boy falls in love with a water girl, and eventually, after a fight with a fire person who became demonic because he ate dozens of sun stones, they manage to do that, with the protagonist taking the statue of his girlfriend into the pool with the dragon, thus reviving her.

See? That’s basically the plot of the movie, which I remembered after about 9 years of not thinking about this thing once.

So yeah, I didn’t get any new insights for my writing, but I did enjoy re-watching the movie, if only to see the ending where the two star crossed impossible lovers are united.
I’m a hopeless romantic. Kill me.
Which is also why I’d make a terrible romance writer(And I tried writing romance once… It was awful >< So I keep romancing as character development, not an actual plot line).

There were probably other things I’d wanted to write, but it’s 3 AM at the time of writing these lines, so I’m just a tiny bit sleepy and a whole lot of dopey and confused.

Also, my train of thought is all over the place, so I can’t really figure out how I managed to write 300 words on the same topic…

Till next time!

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4 Responses to Nostalgia Week!

  1. Denise says:

    I wondered where you’d been – assumed you were writing.

    It’s true you do need to take a break sometimes (in my case, often) when you are writing. It’s tiring, especially when you are mixing in dealing with real life too…

    You are right about how your memory somehow makes books and movies seem better than they are when you come back to them. Glad you weren’t too disappointed and very impressed you managed to decode it OK in original language.

    • Max Wyght says:

      I wish I was writing… Unfortunately, I’m javing brain issues at the moment, and the for some reason, I’m denied access to the vast universe in my mind at the moment. Despite my furious banging of the jead against my desk.

      But thanks for worrying :3

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