Novel update

So, I know I promised I’d post the next chapter in the next week, but that was before I committed a serious murder.

No, not an actual murder(At least legally), but still very much a murder in my eyes.

Those of you who remember this post know that it’s been coming.
I’ve finally executed the death scene that I was trying to delay as much as possible, after the plot gods forced my hand to move.

I’m serious about the plot gods.
I’d planned to axe him during the final scene of chapter 7, but I somehow found myself committing the murder halfway through chapter 6.

Had I released the novel right now, pretty much none of you would care about the death of this character until you’re re-reading the series for the second time.
Which is pretty bad, since his death sort of kicks the gears of the plot into motion.

Obviously something I’ll have to remedy as I revise the novel after I’m done writing MS1.

So I won’t post another chapter for at least another 4 days, as my characters and I grieve his passing.

I the meantime, I wanted to write this post to show you guys that I’m not dead and I do remember what I promised, just that it’ll take a bit longer than anticipated.

Another reason that I’m putting it off is because despite the great reception of the prologue(Which launched my nose into orbit, thanks a lot, guys >>), I am not thrilled to be posting raw, un-revised and unedited works.
And also because I’m a lazy mofo, and I get distracted real fast when I’m typing stuff…


It’s one of those chapters that requires a pretty big rewrite, seeing as I wasn’t entirely sober when I wrote it, and it was incredibly bad.

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  1. Denise says:

    I know what you mean about the unedited work… and yeah, writing takes a long time, tell me about it… Looking forward to reading your chapter whenever it comes. Also enjoy reading your posts and updates in the meantime, so thanks for posting.

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