Magical runes and their abuse in literature

Those that know me personally have heard me saying the following several times:
Originality is dead!

Today, I once again reaffirmed my belief that this is the case;

I just got done watching “Mortal instruments: City of Bones”(I’m well aware you can’t write like that. It’s to make a point), and I can honestly say without ever reading the books beforehand, I knew that the cup was in the tarot card as soon as she drew it, and that she had some kinda talent to be able to pull it out(only proven true when she pulled the cup out of the notebook), and that Valentine is somehow related to Clary.

I’m sad that I figured out the major plotlibe as soon as the movie started.

another thing that saddened me is the fact that, again, having never read the books, I came up with something very similar;
one magic system in my novels involves the use of runes, drawn(or carved) in the air(or any surface, really, but the more complex spells require three dimensional rune schemes) with a special plasma emitter that ionized the air(sorta like an aurora borealis only extremly localized).
In my case, however, a single rune will lock or unlock a door. maybe turn on the hot water tap. Best case scenario(since it’s an actual language, not just some magical application of phlebotinum).
you wanna freeze your enemies like you did those demons in City of Bones? Bitch you better learn how to carve real quick, cuz you need about thirty runes to do that).

However, it’s because of this particular weakness that makes it the only system that can create God tier spells(obliterating an entire solar system comes to mind. Try doing THAT by waving a wand and speaking a few bastardized Latin words).

Also, the bloody carving thing itself!
In my world, it’s made of metal, preferably of the inert kind(gold is nice), Ornate with runes to strengthen the thing(also as an aesthetic addition) and will always contain a quartz crystal(though in recent decades, synthetic clear sapphires are rapidly gaining popularity due to an increased durability when compared to the quartz crystals).
I swear Jace had the exact same prop in the movie…

thus proving my statement that originality is dead…

This book isn’t the only case of magical rune abuse. However, It’s the only one I can think of at the moment, and I’m quite sure there are more that people can name.

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