Novel Update!

Well, good morning everyone who might read this.


Let’s get straight to business, because I’m so fucking excited about this thing!

I finally managed to come up with a decent title for the first novel, and both sequels(And also the name for the series itself).
And in my eyes, those names are effing sweet!

Right then:

My upcoming novel(Which will appear on your Kindle sometime before Christmas), will be titled:
“Storm’s Knight”

The trilogy itself will be titled “Knight’s Fall”, while books 2 and 3 will be titled “Knight’s Journey/Voyage” and “Knight’s Redemption” respectively.

Oh yeah, it’s going to be a trilogy, mostly because I doubt anyone would want to read a 700~800 page novel by a no name writer.


So yeah…

Onto the next order of business then;

over the next two to three weeks(Depending on how much I’ll be procrastinating this thing) I will post the prologue, and chapter 1 and 2 of Storm’s Knight on the blog(one post per chapter. Hopefully).
Keep in mind that these will be the raw, unrevised and unedited versions of the story(Long story short; I will copy them word for word from my notebook).
This won’t be for you guys to admire my magnificent writing abilities(Which I’m well aware are dirt level at best), but to show that “Hey, this Max fella has an inkling of a talent as a story teller.” and that you guys aren’t wasting your time following a pretend writer.
Feedback will be welcomed with gratitude and “squee”s(Also with flowers, virtual beer and love confessions)


Now for something that’s slightly off topic:

My new year’s resolution!
In my January blog post I wrote that my new year’s resolution was:

With that, I’d also like to share my resolution for the year of the snake;
I’d like to be able to open up completely, not just on occasion.

There was another resolution, which I knew even back than that giving it any sort of tangibility would be equivalent to shitting on it and causing the exact opposite to happen.
And sure enough, for the past 6 months or so, I had serious writing issues, and… Well, let’s just say a lot of stuff got scrapped.
However, with me approaching the ending of this novel with every passing day, I believe it’s time to share that resolution with the world:

My resolution was that I wanted to finish my first novel before the end of the year.
And thus, it seems like I can finally see the ending.


I just realized I’ve written a lot, yet I haven’t actually said anything…

If writing doesn’t work, maybe I could head into politics…

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4 Responses to Novel Update!

  1. Denise says:

    I think it’s amazing for you to be so organised. It’s even more amazing for you to share your plans and potentially your writing. That is so hard but until you do that you can’t work out where to go. Writing is about communicating your vision with other people. and you need other people for that. Having said that, I’ve not shown many people what I write. Mainly because I have “writing issues” too and tend not to produce much. But I would love to try to be helpful when you do post what you’ve written up here.

    Keep writing and you are doing really well.

    • Max Wyght says:

      Thank you very much for the comment.(At least I know someone’s reading all this crap I’m putting up here >>)

      May I ask why you haven’t shared anything you’ve written?
      You’ve at least your daughters to share with, and you could always use to post anonymously and hopefully get some reviews(You would obviously need to keep the story updated on a very tight schedule, and learn when exactly it is that people read it the most, but people there love to leave comments and try and help with developing your writing ability.

      • Denise says:

        I think you might have summed it up in your Storm’s Knight post – basically by the time I finish writing a chapter I can already see the bits that are wrong with it and want to rewrite it before showing it to anyone.
        Probably after about 5 rewrites I will be happy. But then if you are rewriting you are not getting on with the rest of the story. Such is the dilemma…

        • Max Wyght says:

          Well, so glad I’d gotten my confidence up and decided I’d post it unedited.

          Had I had to wait until it was edited, I would’ve never posted this.

          This is a sort of commitment from me to finish the bloody thing.

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