Year One.

Apparently it’s been a year since I started this blog(Minus 2 weeks).

In that time I’ve managed to start, put away, restart and abandon a project, get a severe case of writer’s block(somewhere between starting and abandoning the project), and start and get writer’s block on a second project.
I managed to cure it this time around, and book one is indeed done;
Sort of. the ending’s done, but I’m forced to add introductory chapters into the book so that readers won’t go “Who the fuck is this character, and how the fuck are these two related?” since not everyone is privy to the happenings of my own mind(Which, I must admit, is at times a mystery even for me…), so those characters need to be introduced.

Basically, I’m solidifying character strings and relationships that require cementing on the page, as a final touch up.

Yay for me!

I promise I won’t disappear for months at a time this time around.

Hopefully Year Two will be more fruitful and filled with less blockages.
I don’t want to get brain hemorrhoids…

Here’s some mind bleach to get rid of that image:

Anyways, now that that lovely image is out of your minds, I have some news:
In the coming weeks I will be posting some world building on my(Rather extensive) fantasy multiverse.
First up is Leta(pretty sure that name’s a temp… Just have a bit of trouble finding all my world building notes, so I can’t remember if I figured a better name for that world yet >>. Yes, I’m a very messy human being), the main setting for book one, and the home world of the male protagonist.

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