Queen tribute show

So last night I went to a concert by a band called Rockville(Israeli cover band, they do Queen shows).
Israeli tax shekels at work. City hall arranges free concerts to citizens(and whoever else ends up at the site at the time).

And I must say that Olive(The lead vocalist) has some great charisma on the stage, and he even managed to hit Freddy’s notes in the songs.

From the Queen shows I’ve seen(only the clips uploaded on the web, seeing as God was dead for 5 months when I was born), He even tried to mimic Freddy’s behaviour onstage.



Yes, that leotard is modelled after Freddy’s 1978 show.

It also taught me something about Israeli people.
Most of us can’t appreciate good music if we don’t have to pay for it.
When the concert just started, about 1/3 of the seats were still empty.
It’s only when they got to the final 4 or 5 songs that the entire square was filled.

So yeah, it was awesome, and I’ll try to get a few of the songs up on Youtube or something like that.

Also, sorry about the crap quality of the pics, taken at full zoom(4X) with an SGS4. Ideally, I’d have taken a camera with me =/

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