Writer’s block

So I’ve been dealing with writer’s block up until recently, and I believe that me trying to participate in Wrimo, along with trying to maintain this blog, has contributed to it’s worsening.
Truth is, I’m quite a dull and boring person.
I rarely go out, and I’d much rather be at work than at a club.
However, I can once again hold pen to paper and let the words flow to the page.
The story, once again, has been revised, even though the original concept remained(I think).

But on the other hand, I can write a somewhat engaging story(to be decided by you guys once I actually finish the bloody thing), which seems rather paradoxical.

Anyways, this is some mindless banter I decided to post to let you guys know I’m still alive and kicking(and screaming, and biting and clawing at the inside of my brain).

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