So… 11 years, huh?

11 years ago today, thousands of families lost children, parents, partners and loved ones.
11 years ago, the lives of thousands of innocent children changed forever.
11 years ago, a crime was committed on a scale rarely seen in the past…

I was 9 at the time, and my entire family was watching in horror as the second plane hit the twin towers.
As we watched the fires in horror, I remembered that my aunt and uncle were in New York for the week, so I got scared that they might have been hurt, or worse.
When my parents tried contacting them, the phone went straight to voice mail.
We feared the worst.

A week passed that way, when finally they called us back, saying that they’re alright, and that they weren’t in the area when the planes hit.
We felt happy that they were alright, but it was short lived, as we realized that there are thousands of families there that will never see their loved ones again…

I hope that something like this will never happen again, and that humanity will be able to shake off it’s shackles of hatred…

Got any stories you’d like to share?
Post them in the comments.

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