The title only works in caps. I’m sorry for that…

So the weekend came and went, and I’ve finally been able to confirm something:
The only place I can’t write at is at home, which is a bitch. At least I can still edit and revise stuff I’ve already written, so there’s that little ray of sunshine.


I’ve used the past 36 hours to plot a short story, that could be considered a prequel to the novel I’m currently writing, and another novel, which is basically a sequel to the novel I’m currently working on.
The prequel is nice, because it shows you how the protagonist acquired the skills he has(Some history is covered in the novel, but I’m going to spoil and say that some of what’s in the novel is a fabrication created to confuse him).
And the sequel is there, because the ‘happily ever after'(not completely happily ever after, more like… ‘a non tragic ending’) only works if the book is split in two.

Also, I’ve had several other ideas, which, if I were to treat each one as an individual idea, would be more original stuff than I’ve ever came up over the years(Especially because my current novel is basically just plopping an old character into a new plot).
So I guess there’s that.

Haven’t done any actual writing the past two days, just heavily revised the first chapter to change the plot line, as the book took a turn for the better, and the plot of the first three chapters didn’t quite match the direction it was heading(the seam between chapter 3 and chapter 5 was quite visible, which caused a loss of the willing suspension of disbelief). And no, I’m not talking about chapter 4, but of a literal tear in the plot line, that would’ve been a bitch to patch up, so I decided to just rewrite everything leading up to it, instead of everything after it(Mostly because the choice is between 12k words, where the majority are still usable after a little sequencing edit, or 22k words, where each and every one would need to be rewritten). It was an easy choice really, considering the fact that the first three chapters were boring as fuck, and needed some spicing up.

All in all, it only made the book better, though I’m still having issues with coming up with a suitable name for the antagonist, and the magic system could probably use a little bit of polishing up.

That’s it for today…
Max Wyght, signing off!

If you’re planning on writing, keep a small notepad and a pen with you AT ALL TIMES(I really can’t stress this enough).
Over the span of a day, you could have half a dozen ideas for story premises or plot twists, but if you go “I’ll write it down when I get home”, you’ll find that you forgot whatever popped into your head earlier.
If you have a notepad with you, just write it down, and once you get back home, see if some of those scribbles are worth keeping(You’d be surprised at how much is actually viable material).
It’s also a great cure for writer’s block, as the brain is less congested with congealed and rotting ideas, allowing the drain to dump new ideas at you at an ever increasing rate.

Again, you are opening a dimension of your mind that is normally suppressed by the tedium of daily existence.  Bills, complaints, clients, projects, deadlines.  Idea formation is like a faucet that’s normally rusted shut.  Break out the PB Blaster, tell that gremlin to STFU, and watch the ideas flow!

Shamelessly stolen from Derek Blass’ blog(Click there for the full post)

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