Introducing, Myself!

Well… Here’s my first post.

Caution: Post includes personal history, which you may or may not find interesting.

About myself… What can I write about myself? Not much to write, really.

I’ve always been a dreamer, with quite an active imagination, but I’ve always had problems with expressing myself.

That all changed when I hit 14, and became quite versed in the English language(Which is not my mother tongue). I’ve started writing then, but I didn’t write anything original at the time. In short, I was writing mostly fan-fiction, and crap ones at that(Which is why they will never, EVER, see the light of day)… And then 2008 rolled around, and I started writing short original stories. They were crap too, but hey, at least they were original, right?

In late 2009, I gave a shot at writing an actual novel, but never actually finished it(It’s a chronic condition. I used to procrastinate stuff indefinitely, and eventually, forget about them).

In 2010 I graduated high school(I was never a straight A student in any subject, mostly because I couldn’t do the exams, or sit quietly in one spot long enough, but also because I found school completely and utterly boring. It wasn’t interesting in any way, which is why I preferred reading Scientific American, Nature, and other science magazines instead). and then, Like most Israeli guys aged 18 and 19, I was enlisted into the IDF, more specifically, into the artillery corps. I suffered a mental meltdown due to severe lack of sleep, and eventually, due to that and a physical disablity, I was discharged from military service.

Because of that discharge, and several other things piling up, I went into a depression, which caused me to shut myself in my room for about three months. During those three months, I’d begun writing again, and, with each additional word I’ve typed into the Word document, I felt myself growing lighter, almost flying(I believe that it’s still available on fictionpress).

Soon enough, I was able to sleep normally. Then I started having actual dreams, not nightmares, and with the dreams, my imagination was finally reactivated.

It’s been just about 15 months since my… for lack of a better word: Resurrection; I started leaving the house, exercising, studying, and writing. During that time, I’ve written a few more short stories, and premises for novels, but nothing ever stuck.

Enter July 2012.

I have no idea what was so significant about July 10th 2012, but on that date, for the first time since I was 14 years old, I’ve felt truly, undeniably inspired. I’ve laid the corner stone for my current 100% novel(Which, like the title of this blog, is missing it’s title. I’m good at imagining stuff, but I suck with naming them…). It began with a spark of an idea, which evolved into a rough draft that enclosed the beginning and end of the book, and slowly, it turned into actual key strokes on my laptop.

Just an FYI: As I was writing this post, and remembering stuff, I started shedding tears of happiness, probably because I can finally get this stuff off my own back.

So… Now that I’m done with the introduction…

My reason for writing:

I enjoy creating worlds. I’ve a bit of a god complex; Probably because I have so much general knowledge about the universe and it’s workings(I understand the significance of the discovery of a particle that acted just like Higg’s Boson was supposed to act, but show me equations, and I’ll stand there wondering WTF that gibberish is…).

Being a supporter of the multiverse hypothesis might also have something to do with it. When I’m writing, I get to travel to different world, and even to different universes. It’s something that science can’t accomplish just yet, so my imagination has to do for now.

Also, being a very non-religious person(I don’t believe in the existence of a personal god, like the three big religions preach, nor in a god in any sense of the word). If anything, God is the universe around us, and we’re the universe’s way of experiencing itself(I believe It’s a murdered Neil deGrasse Tyson quote), and writing allows me to get closer to that god(Not in a religious experience sort of way. More like a chat over breakfast and coffee)

So… For those of you who’ve read this far: What’s your reason for writing?

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